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    The theory of diaphragm coupling lubrication needs to be mastered

      The diaphragm coupling can actively compensate the axial, radial and angular offset caused by the motor, as well as the influence caused by factors such as manufacturing error, installation error, bearing deformation and temperature rise.The diaphragm coupling belongs to the metal elastic element in the flexible coupling. The driven machine transmits torque, elastic vibration, no noise, and no lubrication..

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    The composition and layout of the drive train

      For a front-rear-drive car, the torque from the engine is transmitted to the rear wheels through the clutch, gearbox, universal joint, drive shaft, final drive, differential, and half shaft in turn, so the rear wheel is also called Drive wheel.The torque obtained by the driving wheel gives the ground a backward force, and therefore the ground is driven..

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    What should be paid attention to when using in a working environment

      The torque transmission of the coupling is mainly to set the nominal torque requirement of the transmission system. In the case of overload, the torque transmission element is separated from the two halves of the coupling to realize the protection of the transmission system at both ends of the main shaft.A high-quality coupling should be the strength of the two halves of the coupling and the transmission system..

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    The problem of torque selection of drive shaft

      Considering that when the car body has a high reduction ratio, the speed of the car body is low, at this time the car body transmission shaft can obtain a large torsion moment.According to the car body parameters, it can be known that the engine can obtain a large reduction ratio in the fourth gear.The transmission efficiency of the engine is now 0.96.According to the results of the above calculations, choose...

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    Pay attention to these when installing the plum coupling

      Before installation, first check whether the prime mover and the working machine are concentric, whether there are wrapping paper and scratches on the surfaces of the two shafts, whether there are debris in the inner holes of the two half couplings of the plum coupling, and whether the edges of the inner holes are bumped. If any, the shaft and half coupling should be cleaned up, and the bruise should be treated with a fine file.Then check the two and a half...

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    How to do cardan shaft maintenance

      When we received this feedback in the early stage, we were also very surprised. As a universal joint shaft manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, judging from the design structure of our cross bag, there will be no situation where oil cannot be added. In addition, we are Before the product is assembled and shipped, the bearings in the four directions of the cross bag will be filled with grease, so that..

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    What are the components and functions of the drive shaft torsion testing machine

      It can carry out dynamic torsional fatigue test and static torsional rigidity and strength test of various shafts and rods.It is suitable for torsion fatigue and static torsion performance test of automobile transmission shaft, constant velocity universal joint, ball cage, automobile half shaft, automobile drive axle housing and other parts.Dynamic torsion can realize symmetrical and asymmetrical cycles.

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    The reasons for the frequent damage of the support are

      (1)中间支撑吊架螺栓孔与螺栓配合间隙过大。  (2)车架变形。  (3)传动轴不平衡量过大。  (4)中间支撑吊架橡胶垫老化或质量太差。  (5)支架总成质量问题 .  (6)检查带伸宿的配件没..

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    Consequences of failure to meet the requirements of flexible coupling interchange

      The main feature of the elastic pin coupling is to drill holes in the flange, and nylon rods or threaded pins are worn inside.However, the flange holes must be interchanged to ensure the service life of the coupling.There are three types of shaft-hole interchangeable fits, depending on the application of your shaft and hole. Clearance fit; relative motion transitional fit: between relative motion...


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