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  • 09


    Application of diaphragm coupling in industry

      The characteristic of the diaphragm coupling is a bit like a bellows coupling, in fact the way the coupling transmits torque is similar.The diaphragm itself is very thin, so it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated, so it can withstand up to 1.5 degrees of deviation, and at the same time produce a lower bearing in the servo system..

  • 07


    Does the abnormal noise of the drive shaft need to be replaced?

      1. When the speed of the car changes suddenly and there is a metal knock on the transmission shaft, it can indicate that the individual flanges or universal joint cross shaft bearings are too worn and loose, causing abnormal noise of the transmission shaft. 2. When the car starts, the drive shaft will make a "dang" sound or make a messy noise.When the car is reversing backwards on a gentle slope, it emits...

  • 31


    Why is the drive shaft thick in the middle

      From the point of view of saving materials and reducing quality, the cross-sections of the shaft are preferably of equal strength.But from the point of view of processing technology, the shape of the shaft is indeed as simple as possible.Simple shaft manufacturing saves labor, heat treatment is not easy to deform, and it is possible to reduce stress concentration.When deciding the shape of the shaft, you can assemble precision...

  • 17


    Detailed introduction of the transmission shaft telescopic sleeve

      Integrate the spline shaft with the flange fork.The rectangular tooth spline is changed to a large pressure angle involute short tooth spline, which not only increases the strength but also facilitates extrusion forming, and adapts to the needs of high torque working conditions.On the tooth surface of the telescopic sleeve and spline shaft, the whole is coated with a layer of nylon material, which not only increases the wear resistance and self...

  • 09


    The angle of the universal joint should be minimized when designing

          a. When the relative position of the connecting two shafts changes within the expected range, the power can be reliably transmitted; b. The connecting two shafts can run evenly.The additional load, vibration and noise caused by the included angle of the universal joint should be within the allowable range; c ..

  • 30


    What problems should be paid attention to when assembling the cross shaft universal joint

      (1) After the parts are washed and dried in clean wash oil, check again the journal, bearing, oil seal, thrust washer (some cars do not have this gasket) and other parts of the cross shaft. There should be no surface defect. (2) When installing the cross shaft into the universal joint fork, pay attention to the side where the grease nipple is installed on the cross shaft..

  • 24


    Four major features of diaphragm coupling XH series are advanced

      Compensate the axial, radial and angular deviations between the active machine and the driven machine due to manufacturing errors, installation errors, load-bearing deformations, and the effects of temperature rise changes. U-type diaphragm couplings are mainly single and double sections.There are aluminum alloy at both ends, and the middle is connected by a stainless steel diaphragm.The main and slave motives transmit torque and have elasticity..

  • 21


    The drive shaft is a magical iron rod

      First of all, the universal joint on the drive shaft can transmit power normally and reliably when the relative position of the transmission output shaft and the final drive input shaft changes (changes within a certain range) under such road conditions.Secondly, the universal joint can make the two shafts run evenly.The universal joint can...

  • 20


    Is the diaphragm coupling high compressive strength and simple structure?

      The design of the diaphragm coupling is relatively simple, and it can exert a good practical effect in the whole process of application, and there is no need to add the application of lubricating fluid, so it can exceed the more convenient specification at the time of maintenance. It can consider the application regulations of various manufacturing industries, which can be convenient and..

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