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    Flexible coupling has strong flexibility

      The flexible coupling has strong flexibility, so it allows the connected rotor to have a relatively large eccentricity and is not sensitive to the transmission of vibration. However, due to the complex structure, the transmitted torque is also small, and it is generally used in small units.The semi-flexible coupling allows a certain eccentricity between the connected rotors, and allows two connected...

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    Drive shaft balance problem

      Symptom diagnosis: When a 6×4 car is under heavy load, especially when driving bumps, it occasionally makes a knocking sound. Pay attention to check whether the balance shaft of the middle and rear axle is displaced and interferes with the transmission shaft.If the noise increases with the speed of the car, and there is jitter, this is generally caused by the loss of balance of the transmission shaft. ..

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    What is a car universal joint shaft

      The drive shaft is a high-speed rotating body with less support, so it is very important for dynamic balance.Generally, the drive shaft undergoes a balance test before leaving the factory and is adjusted on a balance machine.For the front-engined rear-drive car, the steering final drive shaft is driven, and the parts can be connected by universal joints.Special purpose car:

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    Main features of SWC coupling

      SWC type cross-shaft universal coupling is suitable for steel rolling machinery, hoisting and writing and other heavy machinery, connecting two shafts that are not on the same line, its rotation diameter D=100~1200mm, transmission nominal torque Tn=1.25~8000KN .m, the power of heavy load at high speed..

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