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    What is a rigid coupling

      Coupling drawings are generally structural drawings, which refer to the overall dimensions of the installation. For detailed processing dimensions, please refer to the relevant standards.There are many types of couplings, and there are those with national standard and non-standard ranges.Commonly used couplings include drum tooth type, elastic pin tooth type, diaphragm, star, plum blossom, tire, slider,...

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    Assembly method of drive shaft assembly

      Use the extruder and workbench equipment to install the universal joint on the flange fork, and then install the universal joint fork on the universal joint; the second step: Part B assembly: use the extruder and workbench equipment on the flange Install the universal joint on the fork, and then install the spline shaft fork and spline hub sub-assembly or sliding fork and rear axle head sub-assembly on the universal joint; ..

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    Current Status of Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft Technology

      Carbon fiber is a new type of high-strength, high-modulus fiber with a carbon content of more than 95%.In the 60s, high-performance carbon fiber was initially commercialized as a reinforcing material, and a high-performance resin-based composite material reinforced by continuous carbon fiber was born.Carbon fiber composite material performance:

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    Cause Analysis and Diagnosis of Torsional Vibration of Transmission Shaft

      The transmission shaft is slender, the supporting points at both ends are far apart, and the rigidity is not large. After long-term use (or after major repair), under the action of its own weight, the middle of the transmission shaft will be slightly bent and deformed, so that the center of mass of the transmission shaft will rotate. The center line is offset: due to the offset, centrifugal force is generated during operation, centrifugal force...

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    Matters needing attention before using transmission shaft tube

      Once the universal joint of the drive shaft is insufficiently lubricated, its ball bearings will wear out immediately, so it will make a continuous noise when turning; moreover, it will make a sound when driving in a straight line.A sharp turn is a situation that friends who love to drive fast will definitely encounter.When making a sharp turn, it's natural...

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    How to choose coupling size

      1. The size and nature of the torque to be transmitted, the requirements for buffering and damping functions, and whether resonance may occur. 2. The relative displacement of the axis of the two shafts is caused by manufacturing and assembly errors, shaft load and thermal expansion deformation, and relative movement between components. 3. Permissible dimensions and...

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    What causes the abnormal noise of the car drive shaft?

      Due to long-term high-speed operation, the drive shaft bends and makes abnormal noises when transmitting power.The middle support bearing of the transmission shaft is worn too much, the axial clearance and the radial clearance are increased, and it makes a noise during the rotation.The cross shaft of the drive shaft is worn or rusted and cannot rotate freely. It will emit when the vehicle starts or reverses..

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    What is the function of the elastic pin coupling

      The elastic pin coupling is to link the two halves of the coupling through the pin, so it is very convenient to install and disassemble in use, and the disassembly can be completed without moving the power machine and mechanical equipment.Although this kind of coupling has the advantages of easy disassembly and maintenance-free, it is a non-metallic original as the original coupling. ..

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    How to do the dynamic balance of the drive shaft

      Common machinery contains a large number of rotating parts, such as various transmission shafts, main shafts, electric motors, and steam turbine rotors, which are collectively referred to as rotating bodies.Under ideal circumstances, when the revolving body is rotating and not rotating, the pressure on the bearing is the same. Such a revolving body is a balanced revolving body. ..


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