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Does the abnormal noise of the drive shaft need to be replaced?

来源:日期:2021/1/7 11:06:42

  1. When the speed of the car changes suddenly and there is a metal knock on the transmission shaft, it can indicate that the individual flanges or universal joint cross shaft bearings are too worn and loose, causing abnormal noise of the transmission shaft.

  2. When the car starts, the drive shaft will make a "dang" sound or make a messy noise.When the car is reversing backwards on a gentle slope, it makes an intermittent sound of "grating", which means that the needle roller is broken or broken, and the needle roller bearing should be replaced.

  3. When the car starts or changes gears, the transmission shaft has obvious metal impact sound, and the low-speed gear is more obvious than the high-speed gear. Most of the interference fit between the inner ring of the intermediate support and the shaft is reduced and the looseness causes abnormal noise.

  4. When the car is starting or driving, the transmission shaft always has obvious "click" abnormal noise, accompanied by vibration, which means that the fixing bolts of the intermediate support bracket are loose and cause abnormal noise.



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