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Detailed introduction of the transmission shaft telescopic sleeve

来源:日期:2020/8/17 9:08:43

  Integrate the spline shaft with the flange fork.The rectangular tooth spline is changed to a large pressure angle involute short tooth spline, which not only increases the strength but also facilitates the extrusion forming, and meets the needs of high torque working conditions.The tooth surface of the telescopic sleeve and spline shaft is coated with a layer of nylon material, which not only increases the wear resistance and self-lubrication, but also reduces the damage of the impact load to the drive shaft.

  This kind of transmission shaft adds a tube-shaped sealing protective sleeve outside the flange spline shaft. Two polyurethane rubber oil seals are arranged at the end of the protective sleeve, so that a completely sealed space is formed in the telescopic sleeve, so that the telescopic spline The shaft is not corroded by external sand and dust, and is not only dust-proof but also rust-proof.Therefore, when assembling, apply grease to the spline shaft and the sleeve, and it can be used as required. There is no need to install a grease nipple for lubrication, which reduces the maintenance content.



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