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Application of diaphragm coupling in industry

来源:日期:2021/1/9 9:54:46

  The characteristic of the diaphragm coupling is a bit like a bellows coupling, in fact the way the coupling transmits torque is similar.The diaphragm itself is very thin, so it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated, so it can withstand up to 1.5 degrees of deviation, while generating a lower bearing load in the servo system.

  Diaphragm couplings are often used in servo systems. Diaphragms have good torque rigidity, but are slightly inferior to bellows couplings.On the other hand, the diaphragm coupling is delicate and easily damaged if it is misused during use or not installed correctly.Therefore, it is necessary for the deviation to be within the tolerance range of the normal operation of the coupling.Choosing the right coupling is a key step to make good use of the coupling. You must consider what type of coupling to choose in the design stage.



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