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Coupling is an important device on large transmission equipment

来源:日期:2020/11/21 10:26:55

  Couplings have higher requirements for the quality of lubricating oil and higher requirements for flow, so they must be checked and relubricated from time to time; although it is more troublesome, the distance that it can transmit is relatively large.If the shrapnel type is used, although it is also sealed, it is not demanding and can be adjusted according to the actual situation.The slider type is also commonly used, which can be directly filled with oil for lubrication, or filled with oil-soaked felt.Although there are various types of couplings, they must be selected according to the time of the machine when choosing, so that they can be installed and operated normally.

  After the coupling is installed, it must be commissioned according to actual work requirements for no less than ten hours.During the trial operation, it is necessary to observe at any time. If abnormal noise, vibration and other problems occur, the machine must be stopped in time to find out the cause of the problem, and the operation can be resumed after the failure is eliminated.The coupling has a long service life, and the concentricity error of the two shafts should be reduced as much as possible during installation, and should not exceed the relevant value.When used outdoors, avoid direct sunlight, rainwater and other substances that affect the work and service life of the coupling.



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