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Diaphragm coupling lubrication area and normal function

来源:日期:2020/11/30 9:36:36

  For flexible and toothed couplings, some are lubricated with grease.That is, when the coupling is working, it can be lubricated due to the squeeze of grease.When assembling, it is coated with grease and there is sufficient lubrication inside.The grease used in high-speed devices does not separate the oil and soap under the action of centrifugal force, otherwise the coupling oil leakage will reduce the lubrication effect.At the same time, multiple performance is required.

  The lubrication of spring-type couplings mostly uses grease.When assembling, the grease fills the gap between the grids and is wrapped up to prevent grease leakage.Regular inspections are required during work, and extreme pressure lithium grease is generally used for refilling grease.



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