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Introduction of automobile drive shaft and drive axle

来源:日期:2020/11/20 8:29:57

  The role of the drive shaft is self-evident.Here is a brief introduction to the universal drive (universal joint drive) on the drive shaft.

  In a car with front-engine rear-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive), due to the deformation of the suspension during the movement of the car, there is often relative movement between the input shaft of the drive shaft final drive and the output shaft of the transmission (or transfer case). In addition, in order to avoid certain mechanisms or devices (which cannot achieve linear transmission), there must be a device to achieve the normal transmission of power, so universal joint transmission appears.

  The unbalance of the drive shaft assembly is the main cause of the bending vibration of the drive train.The vibration and noise caused by it is obvious.In addition, the axial movement of the universal joint cross shaft, the gap in the sliding spline of the transmission shaft, the centering accuracy of the connection between the two ends of the transmission shaft assembly, the elastic deformation of the transmission shaft during high-speed rotation, and the balance of spot welding on the transmission shaft The thermal influencing factors of the film can change the unbalance of the drive shaft assembly.Reducing the unbalance of the drive shaft is extremely important for automobiles, especially high-speed automobiles such as (cars), otherwise it will cause many related failures or abnormal damages.



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