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The drive shaft is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint

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  The universal joint is a key component on the drive shaft of an automobile.On rear-wheel drive vehicles, the universal joint drive shaft is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle input shaft; while the front-wheel drive vehicle omits the drive shaft and the universal joint is installed on the front axle and wheels that are responsible for both driving and steering. between.

  The car is a moving object.In a rear-drive car, it is installed on the frame as a whole, and the drive axle is connected to the frame through an elastic suspension. There is a distance between the two, which needs to be connected.During the operation of the car, uneven road surface bounces, load changes or the difference in the installation position of the two assemblies will cause the angle and distance between the transmission output shaft and the drive input shaft to change. Therefore, a "variable strain" device is used. To solve this problem, there is a universal joint.



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