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The use of drum gear couplings on road rollers

来源:日期:2020/9/14 9:41:39

  (1) The connection strength is high and the transmission torque is large. When the roller adopts the 4135AK-3 diesel engine, its large transmission torque is 4787N·m, and the nominal torque of the tire coupling can reach 6300N·m, which greatly strengthens the 3Y12 /15 The connection performance of this part of the roller.

  (2) Reduce the requirements of installation accuracy.The coaxiality of the original universal ten-byte or rubber connecting block requires 1.0mm, but it can be reduced to 2.5mm when a tire coupling is used.

  (3) The drum gear coupling is also a flexible connection, which has obvious protective effect on the engine and transmission when the machine is started and overloaded.

  (4) The original rubber block connection requires drilling and tapping on the half coupling; when the drum gear coupling is used, the half coupling only needs to be punched instead of tapping.Because the metal nut for connection is embedded in the rubber tire ring, and the flange size of the half coupling can also be reduced, the connection hole is also reduced from the original 8 screw holes to 6 smooth holes; it saves materials , And save processing man-hours.



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