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Provisions for disassembly, maintenance and lubrication of cardan shafts

来源:日期:2021/1/11 8:34:52

  For the types of cardan shafts currently used, gear couplings can be used for high-power light-load transmission systems, and for transmission systems requiring heavy impact loads and shaft torsional vibrations, tire couplings can be used with higher ductility. The universal joint shaft has a higher operating speed and centripetal force, and the high-speed rotating shaft should use a balanced and high-precision coupling.

  After installation and adjustment, if the two shafts are difficult, in the operation process, when the relative speed of the two shafts is relative, select the soft universal joint shaft.When the axial deviation is large, choose a large angular velocity or cross slider coupling and universal joint shaft to obtain a stronger practical effect.Generally, couplings without lubrication of metal parts must have high reliability and good lubrication. Their characteristics are prone to damage from lubrication and are likely to cause environmental pollution.



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