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How a cost-effective drive shaft can reduce battery costs for electric vehicles

来源:日期:2020/12/21 10:26:48

  The regenerative strategies of hybrid and electric vehicles may have an impact on the requirements of the drivetrain.There are two key issues.How much energy can be collected from the street, and how much energy can the transmission system really recover?

  The electric drive system not only transmits power from the differential to the wheels, but also transmits negative torque, allowing eMotor to charge the battery.The number and frequency of vehicles using this bidirectional torque flow are important.

  In a standard driving cycle, approximately 30% of the energy transferred to the wheels can be returned to the side axles in the process of returning to the battery.However, there will be a large amount of extra load during urban driving cycles or on rural roads. GKN Automotive Researchers’ test vehicles measured 50-60%.



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