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The form of diaphragm coupling and its operating characteristics

来源:日期:2020/12/14 9:44:17

  A polygon is formed by a single thin rod. The rod has a simple shape and is convenient to manufacture, but requires the pitch of each hole. Its working performance is basically the same as that of a continuous polygonal ring, but its strength and speed are lower. It is suitable for occasions where the size of the coupling is restricted. .

  1. It can be assembled and disassembled without interfering with the main-slave device. The replacement of the coupling can be completed within 2 hours. The equipment utilization rate is 2. Do not lubricate and do not need maintenance. The gear coupling can be fundamentally caused by tooth surface wear. The vibration avoids a series of troubles such as the new imbalance of the gear coupling due to the accumulation of oil. 3. Strong ability to withstand misalignment. It has a certain ability to reduce vibration and noise. The misalignment ability can be used for most power transmission devices. 4. It can operate under harsh environmental conditions. It can operate within 300 degrees Celsius. It can operate in corrosive environments such as acid, alkali and salt spray. It has a high power-to-mass ratio and is especially suitable for high-power connections. Power unit 5. Non-linear changes in rigidity between shafts, which restrict the drift edge of the magnetic center of the motor to a circular arc-shaped elasticity.

  6. Apply a predictable low additional load to the connected device. Compared with similar flexible transmission elements, the diaphragm coupling exerts a predictable small force and bending moment on the connected device. 7. Zero clearance, constant low Unbalance, noiseless coupling parts adopt gapless assembly, no running noise, and maintain the same initial dynamic balance accuracy.



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