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Rotor distribution method in balance state of coupling

来源:日期:2020/11/5 9:31:30

  1) Single-sided unbalanced state If the center of gravity of the object is not on the rotation axis, a single-sided unbalanced state will appear.At this time, regardless of the relative position between the object and the axis, it will not be in a static equilibrium state.Place the journal of the unbalanced object on two parallel horizontal rods or guide rails, and you can observe the angular position and correction amount to be corrected in a single surface.The heavy side of the object always turns to the position below the axis immediately. The adjustment method is to add a counterweight to the radius position of the symmetry point between the heavy side of the object and the center of rotation. The static balancer can achieve single-sided balance without rotating the rotor. , Centrifugal balancing machines are often used to achieve single-sided balancing.

  2) Double-sided unbalanced state. This kind of unbalanced state will appear when there is an unbalanced phase difference in the two planes. The phase difference is not necessarily 180 degrees, and the inertial principal axis at the same position as the axis of rotation leaves. In general, the two axes are skewed with each other. When the rotating cylinder with unbalanced moment, such as a coupling, is not restricted by the bearing, it will rotate around the main axis of inertia. The principal axis of inertia and its geometric longitudinal axis.Moments of equal magnitude but opposite directions are sometimes referred to as couple imbalance.



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