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What factors affect the transmission accuracy of cardan shafts

来源:日期:2020/10/13 10:01:31

  In the case of abnormal noise and vibration, check whether the expansion joint is installed on a standard scale. When it is installed correctly, support the car body, start the engine, and run at idle speed. When the vibration of the cardan shaft is large, use a stylus to measure the direction of the vibration part When the two ends of the drive shaft are not right or bent, if the cardan shaft is obviously dented, the balance of the cardan shaft itself will be destroyed. When the spline shaft and the cardan shaft fork are cut by the lathe, they will Insert the mandrel smaller than the inner diameter of the shaft tube into the shaft tube, hit the recessed part again with a hammer, and then weld the cut spline shaft and the cardan shaft fork to the original position.

  In order to maintain the quality, when the welding is implemented, the shaft tube is placed on the bracket, and the number of circular symmetric spot welding points is determined first. The user corrects the vibration amount and welds along the circumference after the correction. This process is complicated. When the cardan shaft is damaged in a large area, The segment drive shaft needs to be replaced, and the different shafts of the cardan shaft transmit torque and rotation angle.



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