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The connection between the diaphragm coupling and the shaft has a fixed form

来源:日期:2020/10/12 15:22:20

  1. Keyway type (DJM diaphragm elastic coupling): Its key width and keyway are specified by the national standard GB/T1095-2003, and there are three different tolerance ranges for loose key connection, general key connection, and tighter key connection. The transmission suitable for high torque can be selected. In order to prevent axial sliding, it is usually used together with set screw fixation and clamping screw fixation.

  2. Fastening bolt shape: This low-cost type is a traditional fixing method.However, the front end of the bolt is in direct contact with the shaft, which may cause damage to the shaft or difficulty in disassembly.

  3. D-shaped hole type: Generally, if the motor shaft is D-shaped, if the positioning screw cannot be fixed, the coupling hole can be processed into a D-shaped hole corresponding to the size of the motor shaft, and the positioning is coordinated Screw fixation, no need to worry about slipping 4. Clamping type: Use the tightening force of countersunk bolts to shrink the gap and clamp the shaft tightly.It is convenient to fix and disassemble, and will not cause loss of the shaft.

  5. Clamping screw: Utilize the tightening force of the hexagon socket bolt to shrink the slit and clamp the shaft tightly.This method is convenient to fix and disassemble, and will not cause damage to the shaft, so it is a very common fixing method.



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