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Because of the long-term application of the rotating shaft in the universal coupling

来源:日期:2020/9/3 10:14:32

  Due to the long-term application of the universal joint, the rotating shaft will be damaged and destroyed, causing the rotating shaft to be unbalanced. When the universal coupling has such a situation, it will produce abnormal noises, and even cause zero The key reason for the destruction of components is that the rotating shaft is dented or bent due to impact.The key reason for the loosening of the rotating shaft is that the maintenance work is not carried out in accordance with the requirements and regulations, which promotes the aggravation of the damage of the rotating shaft, and thus the loosening condition occurs.

  During the whole operation of the rotating shaft of the universal coupling, if the load is too large, and the resulting centripetal force is added, the cross shaft will be broken or destroyed. The damage of the cross bag is mainly caused by the lack of lubrication, and the oil is less burnt. Damage, incorrect operation or insufficient lubricating grease, resulting in excessively high temperature of the cross shaft and cross shaft during application, causing seizure of rolling bearings and motor shafts, destroying needle rollers and sealing components, etc., causing burnt on the surface of the ferrule. Damage condition.



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