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The assembly process and advantages of elastic pin gear coupling

来源:日期:2020/8/10 10:29:39

  The nylon pin of the elastic pin gear coupling is a self-lubricating material and does not need lubrication, which not only saves lubricating oil, but also purifies the working environment.Applicable occasions: The elastic pin gear coupling has a certain ability to compensate the relative deviation of the two shafts. It is suitable for medium and high power transmission, and is not suitable for working parts that have certain requirements for vibration reduction and strict noise control.

  The material of the elastic element pin is generally nylon, which has the ability to compensate the deviation of the two axes in a small amount. The elastic part is sheared when working. It is only suitable for the medium-speed transmission shaft system with very low requirements. It is not suitable for the working conditions with high working requirements. .



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