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How to assemble the drive shaft assembly?

来源:日期:2020/8/4 10:11:32

  The drive shaft assembly with a spline expansion joint. After disassembly, the painted arrow (or steel arrow) on the drive shaft spline joint must be installed corresponding to the paint arrow (or steel arrow) on the spline hub. And the axes of the cross shafts of the two universal joints are coplanar.

  When replacing the drive shaft assembly, all the locking bolts (qualified 10.9 grade) and nuts (qualified 10 grade) should be replaced with new ones.And use a torque wrench to calibrate the tightening torque when tightening.

  If the drive shaft is connected by M14*1.5 bolts, the tightening torque of the bolts should be within the range of 260-280N.m.Bolt tightening torque less than the specified value will cause the drive shaft bolt to loosen, and the tightening torque will cause the bolt to elongate and fail, and the bolt will loose or break.



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