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Discussion on the careful design of diaphragm coupling

来源:日期:2020/7/3 16:05:44

  Process power equipment, especially turbo-compressor units, due to thermal expansion and contraction, the position of the rotor will change when the rotor is in the cold state to the hot state or from the hot state back to the cold state.In addition, due to the uneven settlement of the foundation, the deformation of the unit after being loaded, and other factors will cause the unit to misalign. Although the misalignment can be adjusted by the timing to ensure the thermal alignment, the compensation value of the unit is often determined by the estimation method. Is not precise.

  It is not surprising that there is usually a 50% error between the estimated value and the actual value.However, the thermal alignment of the unit is often impossible to achieve, so the coupling is required to have greater compensation capabilities.The gear coupling is less able to withstand compensation due to the large relative slip speed of the tooth surface.

  The diaphragm coupling is a dry coupling, the parts have no relative sliding, and the angular and axial rigidity is very low, so its angular and axial compensation ability is very large, and in the case of large angular and axial misalignment , The additional axial force and additional bending moment produced by it are only one fraction to one tenth of the coupling.The diaphragm of the diaphragm coupling can be stretched or compressed. The force of the diaphragm is the same in the two states.If it is suspected that the one-way compensation capability of the diaphragm coupling is insufficient, and the expansion direction of the shaft when the unit transitions from the cold state to the hot state can be predicted, then pre-compensation measures can be taken, that is, the diaphragm can be installed in the opposite direction during the cold state. Pre-deformation.



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