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Buffer and vibration absorption of the pin coupling is realized by elastic elements

来源:日期:2020/6/28 9:31:50

  Load changes are often reflected in periodic loads, impact loads and irregularly changing loads. Elastic couplings can adapt to load fluctuations and have the ability to cushion and dampen vibrations, which are mainly related to the stiffness and damping of the elastic coupling.The stiffness of the coupling includes radial stiffness, axial stiffness and torsional stiffness.

  However, in actual engineering, load changes are often caused by torsional vibration due to torque fluctuations, and the main stiffness is torsional stiffness.In general, in shafting transmission, the stiffness of other parts of the system will be much larger than that of the elastic coupling. Therefore, in the simplified case, assuming that the elasticity of other parts is zero, only the coupling is considered.的flexibility.The torsional stiffness of the coupling is used as the torsional stiffness of the drive shaft system.



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