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Gear coupling contact conditions and angle wear

来源:日期:2020/6/17 9:11:52

  The spherical center is on the gear axis, and the tooth side clearance is larger than that of ordinary gears. The drum-shaped gear coupling can allow larger angular displacement (compared to the straight gear coupling), which can improve the contact conditions of the teeth and transmit torque. Ability to extend service life.The contact state along the tooth width when there is angular displacement.Gear couplings are developing rapidly in our country. In recent years, they have shown a trend of rapid development. Because of their low cost, low emissions, and good production environment, they have been favored by many companies. They are used in steel castings. It is also becoming more and more extensive, and the production process is also becoming more and more mature.The gas in the cavity can be discharged quickly.

  In order to avoid the gear teeth from breaking, the gear bending fatigue strength calculation and static bending strength calculation should be carried out during the design.The use of positive displacement gears, enlarge the radius of the tooth root fillet, and adopt strengthening methods, etc., can all be used to achieve the bending strength of the gear teeth.Pitting on the tooth surface is also called scale peeling. It is the main failure form of a well-lubricated closed gear drive.After the gear coupling adopts forced thin oil lubrication, the wear of the tooth surface is greatly reduced, and the wear amount is about 10% of the grease lubrication. The circulating thin oil can take away the rolling heat at the end of the roll and the friction of the gear teeth. The heat prevents the allowable contact stress on the surface of the gear tooth material from decreasing.



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