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The reason why the universal coupling cannot be lubricated by adding grease

来源:日期:2020/6/13 10:18:48

  Because the toughness of the grease film is poor, the universal joint has to accept larger torque and alternating loads during work, so it is difficult to form a good oil film in the bearing.Therefore, grease should not be used for the smoothness of the cross universal joint, but gear oil should be added.Calcium-based smoothing grease is composed of thickener calcium and root smoothing oil, and its structure is relatively dispersed.

  If the car continues to run under heavy load for a long time, most of the underlying smooth oil in the oil film will be separated, and the oil film will not exist at all.Moreover, the mobility of butter at room temperature is very poor, and the roller needle can only rotate in place during work.

  Therefore, when the original oil film fails, it is difficult to form a new oil film immediately, causing the needle roller bearing and the cross shaft to be in a state of semi-dry friction or dry friction.Therefore, when we use this product, we need to have a better understanding of it, so that we can play a good role when we use it.



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