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Several matters needing attention when adjusting and aligning diaphragm coupling

来源:日期:2020/6/1 15:41:53

  1. If the concentricity of the diaphragm coupling is tested before the anchor bolts are tightened, there is no need to rush to remove the measuring tool after adjustment.Because in the process of tightening the anchor bolts, due to improper fastening methods, or the shim near the anchor bolts are not supported, etc., the installation accuracy after fastening will change.Generally, it is required to check again after tightening, or check while tightening, with the concentricity of the two shafts.

  2. When installing on site, due to the limitation of conditions, most of the pad irons used to adjust the level are iron plates of different thickness.When in use, be sure to clean the burrs, welding slag and other debris on the edge of the iron plate to prevent the debris from breaking due to vibration and other reasons after the adjustment of the components, the shim support is not strong, and the components sink or position The change causes the concentricity of each diaphragm coupling to change, causing the installation accuracy of the equipment to fail to meet the requirements.Generally, after the adjustment meets the requirements, the pad iron is welded into a whole.

  3. When installing, install the roller components first, and then use the roller spindle as the reference axis to measure the concentricity between the output shaft of the reducer and the roller spindle.After the reducer components are adjusted to meet the requirements, the input shaft of the reducer is used as the reference axis to measure the concentricity of the motor shaft.However, because the brake wheel diaphragm coupling is installed on the input shaft of the reducer, both the motor and the brake are installed on the motor base.Before adjusting the motor shaft, take the brake wheel as a reference, and adjust the concentricity of the motor shaft and the input shaft of the reducer after adjusting the brake shoe on the brake.



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