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The structure and technology of the motor shaft

来源:日期:2020/5/25 9:36:27

  Adequate strength and rigidity are the prerequisites for the reliable operation of the motor shaft, especially for large and medium-sized motors, which should be strictly checked or demonstrated according to actual working conditions.However, besides this, the manufacturability of the motor shaft structure is also something that must be taken seriously when designing the motor shaft. People often ignore it, which seriously affects the processing accuracy and processing efficiency.

  The fewer the steps, the more convenient the processing.Especially when using an automated machine tool for processing, a small number of steps can make tool adjustment more convenient.

  Increasing the number of steps seems to increase processing difficulties.In fact, such larger shafts are not processed on automated machine tools, and the number of steps does not have a big impact on tool requirements.After the diameter of the middle section is reduced, and after the diameter of the middle section is reduced, the length of the finishing part (L2+L2) is shorter than the original value L1, and the quality of finishing is easier.The matching part of the shaft and the bracket can also be made into a structure with a difference of 1 mm in diameter between two sections.



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