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  • 09


    The angle of the universal joint should be minimized when designing

          a. When the relative position of the connecting two shafts changes within the expected range, the power can be reliably transmitted; b. The connecting two shafts can run evenly.The additional load, vibration and noise caused by the included angle of the universal joint should be within the allowable range; c ..

  • 08


    The universal joint drive must have the following characteristics

      In a car with front-engine rear-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive), due to the deformation of the suspension during the movement of the car, there is often relative movement between the input shaft of the drive shaft final drive and the output shaft of the transmission (or transfer case). In addition, to avoid certain mechanisms or devices (cannot achieve linear transmission), there must be a kind of equipment..

  • 07


    Between the raceway of the bearing and the rolling elements

      For the sustainable development of society, environmental regulations related to automobiles are being strengthened day by day, and low fuel consumption and electrification are continuing to advance.Compared with the previous use conditions, in addition to rotating, the use of shaking state will gradually increase.In a shaking environment, the distance between the raceway of the bearing and the rolling elements is due to micro...

  • 06


    Will there be abnormalities in the long-term operation of the diaphragm coupling?

      The high-end production process of diaphragm couplings can guarantee quality and quantity, especially in the application of diaphragm couplings manufactured by Guangzhou Linko. The actual effect is more extreme. Because the manufacturer's production technology is very high-end, it can be in line with reality. The requirements of Shanghai Volkswagen customers.The key is to say that the design is simple...

  • 30


    What problems should be paid attention to when assembling the cross shaft universal joint

      (1) After the parts are washed and dried in clean wash oil, check again the journal, bearing, oil seal, thrust washer (some cars do not have this gasket) and other parts of the cross shaft. There should be no surface defect. (2) When installing the cross shaft into the universal joint fork, pay attention to the side where the grease nipple is installed on the cross shaft..

  • 29


    Manufacturing method of welding device for transmission shaft

      The turning tool is arranged on the processing platform and between the processing spindle and the positioning structure.After the friction welding is completed, the temperature at the joint of the shaft is relatively high. The turning tool is used to directly remove the welding residual material to avoid the impact on the accuracy of the shaft due to the heat change during the cooling process, and the turning is performed when the temperature is high. by..

  • 28


    Problems that may occur during the use of hydraulic testing machines

      The main parameter of the pressure testing machine is the large test force, that is, how much pressure the test object can withstand before it deforms or breaks. The pressure is usually expressed in kilograms, and the unit is Newton N, kilonew KN (also useful "kg KG, ton T , Kilopascal KP” to express).The test range is generally based on the large test force..

  • 27


    Coupling needs to be improved in domestic industrial development

      Vigorously develop the ability, push the development work forward as much as possible, until it is involved in the product development of the coupling user, and even develop before there is no clear user target, turning passive to active.At present, this method has been adopted in TV and monitor housings, air conditioner housings, motorcycle plastic parts, mobile phones and telephones..

  • 26


    Diaphragm coupling mother body manufacturing

      Diaphragm coupling mother body manufacturing.The choice of the matrix material of the diaphragm coupling is very important. Generally, the 45# or 40CR forging material should be selected and the rough machining should be carried out after the normalizing treatment. After the rough machining, the quenching and tempering treatment should be carried out to form the overall machine of the coupling material. The performance reaches its performance state, and the quality is...


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