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    The working speed of the coupling and the centrifugal force caused by it

      The universal coupling has a large carrying capacity.Compared with other types of couplings with the same rotating diameter, the torque transmitted by it is greater. This is a mechanical device with a restricted rotating diameter.The working speed of the coupling and the centrifugal force caused by it.For high-speed drive shafts, couplings with high balance accuracy should be selected..

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    Encoder as a connecting element between prime mover and transducer

      It mainly produces torsion couplings, encoders, transducers, etc. for transformers or tachogenerators, which are used in drive engineering, automation and numerical control equipment. The main product of ABP is torsional rigidity, flexible coupling, as a connecting element encoder between prime mover and transducer, it can be used as resolver..

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    Causes and diagnosis of abnormal noise of transmission shaft

      1. The flange joints (or connecting bolts) of the drive shaft are loose, causing abnormal noise. 2. Lubricating grease nipple (commonly known as grease nipple), cross shaft oil passage is blocked and no grease can be injected, grease is not filled on schedule, cross shaft oil seal is damaged and oil leakage, etc., cause cross shaft needle roller bearings in the long-term Lack of lubrication...

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    The relationship between diaphragm coupling and radial deviation

      In the design and manufacture of equipment that wants to keep the radial deviation close to zero, a single diaphragm (short type) coupling is generally used.However, this is actually an important reason for the failure.Even if you are confident in the installation accuracy, for servo machinery, it is still recommended to use a double diaphragm (long type) coupling.

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    Analysis on the status quo, existing problems and development trend of carbon fiber drive shaft technology

      Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high modulus fiber with a carbon content of more than 95%.If carbon fiber is to be popularized in the automotive field, two problems need to be solved, one is cost, and the other is recycling.As the production technology continues to mature, it is believed that the production cost of carbon fiber will continue to decrease.In addition to raw...

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    Coupling alignment steps and assembly method

      After adjusting the vertical direction, the detection data of each point has changed, and the position should be reset to zero again, and the data of the other two points should be measured again.After adjustment, you only need to check whether the sum is within the allowable error range.The principle of coupling alignment is to approximate the projection of the movable end face circle of the motor on the fixed end face as a perfect circle.

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    Gear transmission scheme and design considerations

      1. How to use gears to change the speed? 2. When the space is limited, the transmission ratio is fixed, the distance between the motor and the power shaft, and the gear cannot match the center distance, how to deal with it? 3. How to greatly change the transmission ratio when space is limited? 4. How about a motor...

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    How sensitive is the diaphragm coupling to maintain?

      Therefore, the use of diaphragm couplings is very common nowadays. The key reason is that it can exert a very stable application effect in the whole process of application, and it is more idealized and highly sensitive in hardware and machinery at this stage. , It has good practical maintenance effects for all kinds of machinery and equipment, especially...

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    Gear coupling gears form a closed loop with good effect

      The gear coupling is composed of internal gears with the same number of teeth and flange half couplings with external teeth. The gear coupling is based on the spur gear coupling, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced The developed new gear coupling.It is composed of an external gear sleeve with a drum-shaped tooth thickness and an internal gear ring matched with it.


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