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    Detailed introduction of the transmission shaft telescopic sleeve

      Integrate the spline shaft with the flange fork.The rectangular tooth spline is changed to a large pressure angle involute short tooth spline, which not only increases the strength but also facilitates extrusion forming, and adapts to the needs of high torque working conditions.On the tooth surface of the telescopic sleeve and spline shaft, the whole is coated with a layer of nylon material, which not only increases the wear resistance and self...

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    Explain the cause of vehicle vibration caused by the product

      The unevenness of the drive shaft of a car will present a periodic sound during driving. The faster the driving speed, the louder the noise.When it is heavy, it can make the body tremble, the cab vibrates, and the steering wheel feels numb when holding the steering wheel.Because the body trembles, various parts of the vehicle will become loose and cause chaos.Vibration in the cab, ..

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    The assembly process and advantages of elastic pin gear coupling

      The nylon pin of the elastic pin gear coupling is a self-lubricating material and does not need lubrication, which not only saves lubricating oil, but also purifies the working environment.Applicable occasions: The elastic pin gear coupling has the performance of compensating the relative deviation of the two shafts to a certain extent. It is suitable for medium and large power transmissions. It is not suitable for certain requirements for vibration reduction and...

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    How to assemble the drive shaft assembly?

      The drive shaft assembly with a spline expansion joint. After disassembly, the painted arrow (or steel arrow) on the drive shaft spline joint must be installed corresponding to the paint arrow (or steel arrow) on the spline hub. And the axes of the cross shafts of the two universal joints are coplanar.When replacing the drive shaft assembly, tighten the bolts (pass 10.9 grade...

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    Rotor distribution method in balance state of coupling

      1) Single-sided unbalanced state If the center of gravity of the object is not on the axis of rotation, a single-sided unbalanced state will appear.At this time, regardless of the relative position between the object and the axis, it will not be in a static equilibrium state.Place the journal of the unbalanced object on two parallel horizontal rods or guide rails, and you can observe the single...

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    The automotive driveshaft market is expected to obtain a stable valuation

      Automobile drive shafts are mechanical parts assembled from aluminum, steel and carbon fiber.By transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the overall burden on the vehicle can be reduced and fuel consumption can be reduced.As people's desire for comfortable driving is getting higher and higher, the development trend of four-wheeled vehicles has raised a huge...

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    Coupling derusting method to improve performance

      The alkaline blackening liquid used has low efficiency and high energy consumption, especially when dealing with cast iron, it is easy to appear khaki, and the appearance often fails to meet the customer's satisfaction. It is blackened at room temperature.Coupling castings due to the particularity of the manufacturing process, the surface of the casting is easy to rust, and it is difficult to handle after rust. If it does not cause...

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    Transmission shaft oil seal leakage problem

      More than 90% of the oil leakage problems are caused by the fact that the rubber sealing ring has been exposed to the temperature of the cold and warm for a long time, causing the sealing ring to lose a lot of plasticizers and softeners, and the problem of corrosion, aging and hardening occurs. At first it was oil leakage, and slowly began to drip oil. Over time, it became dense..

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    Discussion on the careful design of diaphragm coupling

      Process power equipment, especially turbo-compressor units, due to thermal expansion and contraction, the position of the rotor will change from cold to hot or from hot to cold.In addition, due to the uneven settlement of the foundation, the deformation of the unit after being loaded, and other factors will cause the unit's misalignment, although these misalignments can be corrected by aligning..


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