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    Universal joint bearing is abbreviated as universal bearing, and its working principle is

      The mechanical structure that uses the ball connection to realize the power transmission of different shafts is a very important part of the bearing on the automobile.The front-engine front-wheel drive vehicle omits the transmission shaft, and the universal joint is installed between the front axle half shaft and the wheels that are responsible for driving and steering.On a front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle...

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    What to do if the transmission shaft hanger bearing heats up

      The reasons for bearing heating may be: 1. Rolling bearing: insufficient lubrication of the bearing; the location (shaft or hole) where the bearing is installed is different from the shaft; and improper selection of the bearing model, etc. 2. Sliding bearing: insufficient lubrication of the bearing; improper matching seat of the bearing; improper selection of the material of the bearing pair;

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    The use of drum gear couplings on road rollers

      (1) The connection strength is high and the transmission torque is large. When the roller adopts the 4135AK-3 diesel engine, its large transmission torque is 4787N·m, and the nominal torque of the tire coupling can reach 6300N·m, which greatly strengthens the 3Y12 /15 The connection performance of this part of the roller:

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    Coupling current collector contact and sensor use

      The traditional current collector is at the non-load end of the motor main shaft, and only depends on the single end bearing of the motor to form a cantilever structure.The unbalanced torque of the motor during start-up and operation can easily cause radial vibration of the collector equipment, which may cause uneven wear of the brushes and shorten the service life of the brushes. In the worst case, the collector ring and the brushes will be indirectly connected..

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    Because of the long-term application of the rotating shaft in the universal coupling

      Due to the long-term application of the universal joint, the rotating shaft will be damaged and destroyed, causing the rotating shaft to be unbalanced. When the universal coupling has such a situation, it will produce abnormal noises, and even cause zero The key reason for the destruction of components is that the rotating shaft is dented or bent due to impact..

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    Why is the drive shaft thick in the middle

      From the point of view of saving materials and reducing quality, the cross-sections of the shaft are preferably of equal strength.But from the point of view of processing technology, the shape of the shaft is indeed as simple as possible.Simple shaft manufacturing saves labor, heat treatment is not easy to deform, and it is possible to reduce stress concentration.When deciding the shape of the shaft, you can assemble precision...

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    Universal coupling correction unbalance factors and the reasons for paired use

      The instantaneous angular velocities of the two shafts of a single universal joint are not always equal, that is, when the active shaft rotates at a constant angular velocity, the driven shaft will rotate at a variable angular velocity, which will cause a dynamic load, which is unfavorable for use.In order to solve this shortcoming, the input shaft and the output shaft are rotated synchronously, which is often used in pairs in the machine. This...

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    Easy to manufacture raw materials for pin couplings

      The coupling is easy to disassemble and maintenance-free. However, since it is a non-metallic original as the original coupling, it can withstand small shear forces and cannot be used in a heavy load environment. It can only be used in low, medium and low speeds. Use, this is the disadvantage of this kind of coupling, pin coupling is suitable for coaxial drive train..

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    Rotor distribution method in balance state of coupling

      Single-sided unbalanced state If the center of gravity of the object is not on the axis of rotation, a single-sided unbalanced state will appear.At this time, regardless of the relative position between the object and the axis, it will not be in a static equilibrium state.Place the journal of the unbalanced object on two parallel horizontal rods or guide rails, and you can observe it in one side..


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