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    Introduction of automobile drive shaft and drive axle

      The role of the drive shaft is self-evident.Here is a brief introduction to the universal transmission device (universal joint transmission) on the drive shaft.In a car with front-engine rear-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive), due to the deformation of the suspension during the movement of the car, the drive shaft final drive input shaft and transmission (or transfer...

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    Sharp turns can easily damage the drive shaft

      Once the universal joint of the drive shaft is insufficiently lubricated, its ball bearings will wear out immediately, so it will make a continuous noise when turning; moreover, it will make a sound when driving in a straight line.A sharp turn is a situation that friends who love to drive fast will definitely encounter.When making a sharp turn, it's natural...

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    Rotor distribution method in balance state of coupling

      1) Single-sided unbalanced state If the center of gravity of the object is not on the axis of rotation, a single-sided unbalanced state will appear.At this time, regardless of the relative position between the object and the axis, it will not be in a static equilibrium state.Place the journal of the unbalanced object on two parallel horizontal rods or guide rails, and you can observe the single...

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    How to judge that the drive shaft suspension rubber has worn out

      There are two types of drive shaft suspension rubber suspension bearings, one is single-sided rubber, and the other is double-sided rubber. Rodeo's loading parts are double-sided, and pickups are single-sided, but Rodeo's later repairs and replacements are both useful, and parts sellers often use single-sided pickups to charge.The car drive shaft hanging rubber hanging can be heard from the sound..

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    Universal couplings need to be used correctly to avoid failure and prolong life

      The correct use of universal couplings can prolong the life. It is strictly forbidden for the car to start at high gear; it is strictly forbidden to lift the clutch pedal; it is strictly forbidden to overload or overspeed the vehicle; check the working condition of the transmission shaft; check the tightening of the transmission shaft hanger frequently , Whether the supporting rubber is damaged, whether the connecting parts of the drive shaft are loose..

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    What factors affect the transmission accuracy of cardan shafts

      In the case of abnormal noise and vibration, check whether the expansion joint is installed on a standard scale. When it is installed correctly, support the car body, start the engine, and run at idle speed. When the vibration of the cardan shaft is large, use a stylus to measure the direction of the vibration part And the transmission amount. When the two ends of the transmission shaft are not straight or bent, if the cardan shaft is obviously concave..

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    The connection between the diaphragm coupling and the shaft has a fixed form

      1. Keyway type (DJM diaphragm elastic coupling): Its key width and keyway are specified by the national standard GB/T1095-2003, and there are three different tolerance ranges for loose key connection, general key connection, and tighter key connection. The transmission suitable for high torque can be selected..

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    Gear coupling manufacturers improve the conditions of internal and external teeth

      Gear couplings have a wide range of applications and are used in many industries.It may be improperly used in specific situations, or it may be used without consideration, which will also cause the coupling to be damaged during use.Gear couplings are rigid, flexible, and inelastic, so...

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    The drive shaft is composed of a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint

      The universal joint is a key component on the drive shaft of an automobile.On rear-wheel drive vehicles, the universal joint drive shaft is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle input shaft; while the front-wheel drive vehicle omits the drive shaft and the universal joint is installed on the front axle and wheels that are responsible for both driving and steering. between.The car is a sporty...


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